Why Vaporize?

Smoking not vaporizing is the most common way man inhales plant materials. It is the easiest way for man to extract the main ingredients. With this process, materials are heated at very high temperatures exceeding 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.  When smoking, the material is burned, converted to smoke, and this enables us to inhale the essence and flavor of that particular plant material.

There are some disadvantages though when smoking burnt material. Burning may result to byproducts like tarsmoke, and some carcinogenic substances. Smoking is overdoing something. It may be the easiest way but not the most beneficial method.

One of the well known alternative methods is vaporization.  Vaporization has been developed through the years. A chip is used for the purpose of controlling the heating process of the plant material, therefore achieving the most optimal temperature where the substance will not burn. In effect, there is no smoke and only pure vapor is produced.

The normal process of vaporization usually entails convection of the plant material. Hot air heats the material in a very precise temperature to release the aroma and its essential elements. This technology prevents burning of the substance thus avoiding waste and overheating. The user can then inhale the vapor through the outlet inhalation valve.

Vaporization doesn’t produce smoke so altogether avoids second hand smoke to other people in the room. Unwanted odor is no longer a concern when you use a vaporizer.

What’s the Most Effective way to Inhale?

There are several factors for optimal inhaling. The factors are the substance itself, the quality of the vaporizer, and the inhalation technique. Studies show that vaporized plant substances rarely irritate the respiratory tract. Inhaling half of what you can normally inhale is proven to be efficient. Hold for a few seconds then slowly breathe the air out. One should be mindful of the pattern of inhaling and exhaling the vapors, and eventually one will be more comfortable or acclimatized to the process thus achieving optimal inhalation.

The Price of Vaporizers

This is another great benefit of vaporizing. One can find a vaporizer that will suit your budget. Price range is normally from $19 to $669. The most well known vaporizers are:

  1. Volcano Vaporizer
  2. Vapir Vaporizer
  3. Silver Surfer Vaporizer
  4. Vapor Warez Vaporizers
  5. Hot Box Vaporizer

When using the vaporizer for the first time, it is common practice to turn it On for around 3 to 10 minutes depending on manufacturers instructions. One should also be careful not to touch the heating element of the machine and stuffing the tube of the vaporizer which might cause malfunction. To make most out of the machine, it is best to clean it from time to time.


The owners don’t claim vaporizing is healthier than smoking pending the approval of the FDA.  The vaporizers are intended for aroma therapy and delivery of flavor. In view of such, it hasn’t been proven that vaporizing can diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

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