Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer

You will love Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer ! It is the best vaporizer for lower price range than the Volcano. Eventhough Extreme Q is set at more affordable price, it is just as good as the Volcano, it is quite as effective, useful vaporizer and you will be pleased with its design and capability. It has extra parts and accessories even a remote device which controls its many features including an awesome blue light on the base of the chassis which adds to the visual aesthetics of this vape.

Quite a well made vaporizer and a much better …


Proven Tips for the MFLB?

In July this past year I bought the Magic Flight Lauch Box portable dry herb vaporizer. I dare to state that I have acquired some experience and I choose to share what I discovered so far. Evidently this little device is developed in an easy to use way, there are many tips that can really improve you “hit”. Simultaneously my tips could save you money as you will be able to push out every ingredient that is in your herbs.

magic flight launch box review mflb portable vaporizer vaporplantsThe way to push the battery I am right handed. If you are left-handed you’ll want to reverse my …