Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer

You will love Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer ! It is the best vaporizer for lower price range than the Volcano. Eventhough Extreme Q is set at more affordable price, it is just as good as the Volcano, it is quite as effective, useful vaporizer and you will be pleased with its design and capability. It has extra parts and accessories even a remote device which controls its many features including an awesome blue light on the base of the chassis which adds to the visual aesthetics of this vape.

Quite a well made vaporizer and a much better price plus the whip which is very useful if it is going to be operated for extended time. This device is best value for money among other of its kind.

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Arizer Extreme Q Product Features

Arizer’s Extreme Q Vaporizer is a multi purpose unit which can be used as a vaporizer as well as a steamer, potpourri warmer, an aromatherapy device and an essential oil diffuser. The Launch Box is the best easily transportable vaporizer! It is absolutely quiet. The portability, silent and no smoke all together, give you the best of your herbs anywhere.

extreme q vaporizer 4The Extreme Q Vaporizer package includes:

2 Cyclone Bowls
1 Glass Stirring Tool
2 Extra Interchangeable Mouthpieces
1 Remote Control
2 Balloons
1 Mini Whip for Balloons
1 Three Foot Whip
Potpourri Dish
Extra Screens
Instruction Manual

The Extreme Q is improved with a fresh Midnight Chrome polish, along with a more awesome and compact design. Also included in the upgrades is 3 year warranty, fast ceramic heating, bright view LCD display, 3 heat sensors, 50% more energy efficient and even comes with a remote control.

With the maximum fan setting, the Extreme Q only takes nearly 2 minutes to completely fill up the bag. A little tips on filling up: Preheat the vape at 210 Celcius then back it down to 180 Celcius for the first bag and move up in 10 degree incrementals after each bag. After getting the experience of vaping out of the bag, you will make this your favorite way of vaping. The whip is also very nice to use, you can use the “Forced Air” modes with the remote or the “Vapor on Demand” function to control the vape by yourself.

Where to Get Extreme Q Vaporizer Best Offer

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