Waterless Vaporizers

Have you ever used a vaporizer and found yourself soaking wet trying to fill it? Or worst, ended up splashing scalding hot water on yourself when you tries to move it? While they aren’t all inconvenient, most of them seem to be, and I know I for one am sick to death of steam vaporizers.

Which is why I have made the switch to waterless. I know it sounds like a scam, or like it couldn’t work nearly as well as a steam vaporizer, but you’d be surprised at how effective these little babies really work. They eliminate bacteria the way steam models work, soothe colds, flus, bronchitis, sinuses, and allergies without any problem, and reduce the risk of injury that are always present when you have a small plastic container filled with boiling hot liquid being converted into hot vapor. This is especially good for those of you who have small children, or curious animals that may knock it over.

There are several companies that manufacture and distribute waterless vaporizers, and any of them will offer about the same thing as far as features are concerned: 3 – 4 settings to control the amount of the vapors released, night lights to make it easier to maneuver around the room if you choose to change those settings in the middle of the night, heat activated aromatherapy pads in various scents, and a warranty.

But there is one more thing you will want to check before buying, and that’s whether or not it offers a ‘silent operation’ function, which will either work on all settings, or else on lower settings to allow it to run through the night without keeping you awake. It may seem like a small matter, after all, how can a machine so tiny make a lot of noise? Well, they can, and it’s very distracting, so you will want to make sure to keep an eye out, or even test a model in the store before purchase.

As far as what models are best, there are only three I have ever tried (and I will give you a hint: I have tried that may because two of them were not very good). The only one that I have continued using has been the Vicks Waterless Vaporizer. It’s compact, easy to use, distributes scents and vapor medication well, and above all it’s very quiet, with only a small sound that, while proving it’s working, won’t disturb your beauty rest. This doesn’t mean that Vicks is the only brand you can trust, it’s just what I have found myself preferring on those days I have caught the sniffles.

So, if you are looking for a vaporizer without the fuss, or the potential late night visit to the emergency room, I definitely suggest a waterless model. With all of the features that match up with steam vaporizers, but with less fuss, and less cost, then most units, you are sure to be happy with your purchase, and feeling better in no time.

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