Classes of Products Containing Addictive Drugs

It’s the purpose of this bulletin to think about representative preparations which in all chance dispose to habit formation; preparations known to produce drug addiction;  nostrums charged with addictive agents to be used to treat spliff heads, including those addicted to the smoking habit;  those who are essentially answerable for their sale and use, and, lastly, some measure.; which should minimize or have a tendency to eradicate the noxious. The 1 or 2 classes of products will be thought to be as just about as practicable in the order in which they are utilised from youth to old age. It should be stated at about that point that only the most generally used and known products of each class are considered in this circular, but others of the a few classes are under inquiry, and it’s anticipated the results will be released as Godsend as finished.

Soothing syrup naturally occupy the 1st place in such a list. Under this title will be briefly considered baby erupts, calming sit ups, “colic cures,” children’s anodynes, “infant’s friends,” teething mixtures, etc. It has for a while been known to the medical profession that those products as a rule contain habit-forming agents, but the majorities of mas have been and still are unaware of this fact, though some level of limelight has been given the problem during recent times.

Any suspicion or fear should be awakened in the mind of the mother by the indisputable fact that the presence of opium, morphine, chloroform, cannabis indica, or some other harmful agent is declared upon the label, the maker or dealer endeavors to allay such fear by statements of the following character: “Contains nothing detrimental to the youngest babe” “Mothers needn’t fear giving this medicine to the youngest babe, as no bad effects come from the continued use of it.” Statements of the following character were also made in association with preparations containing morphine or opium, or both, before the Food mad Drugs Act went into effect: “This valuable cure doesn’t contain any opium, morphine, laudanum, or paregoric,” and “It is free from all harmful agents.”

Statements of this character have been principally eliminated, but in some examples they continue to appear in altered form either on the pack-age itself, in the accompanying circular, or in masked form in news-paper ads. Despite the feet that those representations have been eliminated or modified so as to comply with the letter of the law, mummies, due to past representations and the undeniable fact that the false impremtions left by them have not been corrected, accept that these relaxing cures are neither harmful nor addictive, and therefore give them with a certain feeling of security, with the result that in some examples the baby is put to sleep never to awake again.

Many cases of this personality are on record. In some instances, in which the remedy is freely used and the kid doesn’t surrender, there’s developed a case of infant drug addiction. As quickly as the effect of one dose peer away, the child becomes irritable and fretful, with the result that another dose is administered, the hunger is met, and the kid is quieted, a condition which is analogous in each respect to drug obsession among adults. Often these children look plump and healthy, but as an interesting point their flesh is soft and fat and they bear attacks of inflects rely poorly. The chief active agents of calming syrup, are fairly well known to be opium, morphine, heroin, codeine, chloroform, and chloral hydrate in some mixture.

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